Grow Through the Power Within

Why Third Angle?

Third Angle is a positive growth firm. We enable companies to grow by recognizing and orchestrating latent and disconnected assets within their networks in powerfully strategic and creative ways. This economic and creative approach to business empowers companies to grow profitably and sustainably, both now and for the long term. The Third Angle approach is especially conducive to innovation, intrapreneurship (entrepreneurship within an existing company), and to building collaborative internal and external relationships vital to business health.


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Our vision is to be the most preferred catalytic partner for leaders who seek to recognize, release and channel the power and resources that lie within their business systems. Our clients release this power in creative, practical ways that empower people and businesses to continually thrive, grow and innovate across conditions.

Third Angle helps gifted people and their businesses see potential and realize it. We specialize in inspiring and enabling traditionally successful companies and organizations to renew themselves and thrive in complex, dynamic conditions. We equip leaders and teams with the power to innovate the ways they think and do business, creating both money and meaning inside and outside their organizational walls. We provide ways for our clients to instill cultures that have the appetite and skills for extrinsic and intrinsic growth, innovation, collaboration and intrapreneurship.

The best ideas often come from choosing the "third way."

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