We work with our clients to create value and bridge the pre-strategy, strategy and execution phases of growth by identifying and weaving together hidden, disconnected and underutilized resources and motivations from across their business systems. Our clients develop the mindsets and skillsets to distinguish good complexity from bad complexity and bring together knowledge, relational, technological, operational, cultural and financial resources into proven patterns that create multiple forms of growth and rewards for the businesses and people involved. Furthermore, we work with clients to identify and unblock barriers to growth, whether those blocks exist at the coal face of where the business is conducted, in the external environment, or in the minds and behaviors of the people involved.

Third Angle’s four unique distinctions combine to activate growth through the power within:

1 – Power Within Principle: Profitable, sustainable, positive growth, and the capability to continue to innovate and grow, comes from recognizing and orchestrating the power within resources already present in your internal and external networks.

2 – Empathic Experts: We’ve been there. Our team consists of serially successful intrapreneurs who have been successful growth catalysts, innovators and leaders across a wide variety of industries. We don’t position ourselves so much as “the smartest guys and gals in the room” (though we are plenty intelligent and use both sides of our brains) but more as friends, advisors and co-designers with deep experience and empathy and approaches to help you grow yourselves.

3 – Integrated Intelligence: We integrate science, business and human nature. We bring together scientific knowledge, vast practical business experience, and experiential knowledge and experience of how to engage and leverage the minds, hearts and behaviors of human beings from all different walks of life, cultures and professional training. In addition to our practitioner team and extensive business and learning networks, we also provide access to top researchers from across the globe for additional scientific rigor, leading edge discoveries and subject matter expertise that enable you to translate and apply.

4 – Capability & Culture Building: We help you attain improved business results for the near and long term while also enabling you to develop the capabilities and culture to be serially successful at innovation, collaboration, intrapreneurship and other pathways to growth. These capabilities involve not only skills but also new ways of seeing, thinking and believing what’s possible.

Third Angle’s five principles of practice for value creation and positive growth are:

1 – Find and activate the power within.

2 –  Recognize this power as different forms of capital (human, knowledge, relationship, infrastructure, cultural and financial) that, when activated and linked, create profitable and sustainable growth.

3 – Support our clients through an innovative process to realize new ways of seeing, thinking and taking wise action. Teach people and teams to fish.

4 – Provide our clients multiple ways to realize growth potential through consultative partnerships, learning and breakthrough experiences. Enable this through the Advisory & Analytics Practice, The Third Angle Institute, and the St. Michael’s House Experience.

5 – Practice what we preach by finding, tapping and bringing to bear different forms of capital and resources appropriate to each client and their situation. Enable this through Third Angle’s vast network of diverse executive experience, science and engineering made practical, Third Angle’s tools and culture of learning, and our commitment to continuous growth and mutuality.

We help companies unleash the power within to achieve business breakthroughs, unblock barriers to symbiotic flows of multiple forms of capital, discover new opportunities, and transform those opportunities into growth.



We offer three separate, yet compatible and customizable services for our clients. We invite you to learn what Third Angle has to offer leaders with an eye toward innovation and growth.