Realize the untapped potential of your business network by fueling profitable growth through the power within.

We work with our clients to create value, in both strategy and execution, by identifying and weaving together hidden, disconnected and underutilized resources and motivations from across business systems. Our clients develop the mindsets and skills to distinguish good complexity from bad complexity and to bring together knowledge, relational, technological, operational, cultural and financial resources into proven patterns that create different forms of growth and rewards for the businesses and people involved. Together we identify and unblock barriers to growth, whether those blocks exist at the coal face of where the business is conducted, in the external environment, or in the minds and behaviors of the people involved.

Third Angle’s team, methods and tools are accessible through three channels:

Third Angle Advisory & Analytics – Third Angle’s Advisory and Analytics Practice is the place to go for clients seeking to grow new things, or for those who wish to see and grow things in new ways. Clients have access to a team of experienced executives who have traveled the road to growth multiple times through rich and varied career paths. This talent is coupled with deep analytical, creative and practically proven methods and tools that enable positive growth while building capabilities and a culture poised for long-term value creation.

Third Angle is the preferred partner for each step of the journey that serially successful intrapreneurs, innovators and growth-oriented leaders undertake to achieve current and future success for their business, their team, their people and themselves. Third Angle leverages its relationship with strategic partner, FirstSight: a top tier analytics firm founded by Daniel Diermeier, PhD from the University of Chicago.

The Third Angle Institute  – The Institute provides powerful ways to learn while doing, and to transform the way clients see and do business. Through the Third Angle Institute, clients have access to a variety of customizable learning vehicles, business and executive coaching, tools and subject matter experts from multiple domains with the aim of helping them learn to grow from the power within through the context of real business problems. The Third Angle philosophy and approach empower clients to build growth, innovation, collaboration and intrapreneurship capabilities while achieving valuable results.

The St. Michael’s House Experience – Serially successful growth, innovation and intrapreneurship require moving beyond the current mindset to see things in new ways. Often described as The Four Seasons Hotel-meets-Jedi Academy, St. Michael’s House invites a mind-bending, inspiring, and personally transforming experience that changes the way people see and do things by framing situations through metaphors to their situation sourced from entirely different domains, and by helping them make new connections and develop actionable insights. Imagine, for example, a group of financial managers and real estate executives deriving new strategies for organic growth by learning about farming.