Combine any three members of the Third Angle team and 90% of the time you find a combined 100+ years of experience across industries… plus an equal number of projects and stories. The vignettes below provide just a few examples that illustrate our work.

Using the Power Within… to Create a New Business

Situation: A global healthcare association’s traditional sources of funding had become significantly constrained due to changes in regulations and limited
member growth.

Actions: Third Angle worked with the Board and leadership team in a Discovery process to identify unmet market needs and an internal capability producing one-off occurrences of revenue that could turn into significant value streams. Through a Socratic style workshop, we helped leaders connect the dots between the association’s underutilized capability in designing and providing healthcare education with indicators that multiple market segments were willing to pay this association for education across diverse healthcare issues.

Growth: Providing a “Third Angle” way of seeing (not only what could be done strategically, but also what was already bubbling up as innovation) helped the leaders recognize a new source of revenue that would also attract competitors as customers. Today, the business of health care education has become the association’s primary source of growth.

Using the Power Within… to Improve Consistent Results of Marketing & Advertising Initiatives

Situation: A global consumer packaged goods company came to Third Angle puzzled as to why marketing and advertising results (indicated by sales revenue and market share) were so inconsistent.

Actions: Comparing and contrasting their successful campaigns (and their disappointing ones) to viral marketing models and other principles rooted in complexity science, we developed a tool by which the CPG company could evaluate and design campaigns and marketing efforts.

Growth: Leaders tested the tool against past campaigns and learned its underlying principles so they could become consciously competent in using the tool in future designs and in gaining acceptance throughout the company. Their consistency rating moved from around 15% to over 90% making the tool a very reliable asset for predicting success.

Using the Power Within… to Increase Customer Retention and Operations Efficiency

Situation: A national commercial real estate corporation was losing out on multi-million dollar lease deals and property acquisitions due to gaps in its internal processes and data that resulted in redundancies in their work and errors in their deliverables to customers.

Actions: Third Angle worked with cross-functional, cross-level teams to identify and build consensus around the four processes that accounted for 80% of the business. We encouraged them to identify “unusual suspect” employees (e.g., a leader in the maintenance department who had inside customer information through daily interaction) to serve on the teams.  We helped them identify the sources of accurate data and information already in their system but invisible to different functions and customers. We co-designed an enterprise-wide information tool that made the processes and underlying information visible, accessible, easy-to-use, and traceable by anyone using the processes.

Growth: Results included 30% improvement in effort and work-time efficiencies, and voluntary redesign by employee groups for processes that improved consistency, speed and service. The tool became the corporate standard and hub for all sources of employee, operations and customer information, utilized by lessees, vendors and employees.

Using the Power Within… to Increase Market Capture through Collaborative Innovation Networks

Situation: An energy firm knew it needed to rely on the collaborative assessments and deals between scientific, engineering, financial and external relationships of the corporation to access the best deals early in the process. However, it was being beaten by smaller, more nimble firms in winning international contracts.

Actions: Third Angle worked with multiple project teams to identify and connect networks of talent, knowledge and relationships present within the company and the external environment. We taught them strategies grounded in complexity and network sciences to devise strategies for innovative collaboration and deal-making, both within the company and with external partners.

Growth: The company’s increase in successful deals resulted in billions of dollars in upside potential and prevented millions in loss attributed to failed efforts.

We are honored to have partnered with a range of category leaders spanning numerous industries.