The Third Angle team mirrors the diversity of industry, professional training, expertise, age and culture of its clients and their teams. Third Angle’s experienced executives have successfully traveled the road to growth multiple times across a range of career paths. They are serially successful intrapreneurs who have been successful growth catalysts, innovators and leaders across a variety of industries.

The make-up of Third Angle’s team uniquely equips clients with partners for every step of the journey that all serially successful intrapreneurs undertake to achieve current and future success for their business, their team, their people and themselves. We don’t position ourselves so much as “the smartest guys and gals in the room” (though we are plenty intelligent and use both sides of our brains) – but more as friends and advisors with deep experience, empathy and approaches to help clients grow themselves.


Dr. Jean Egmon is the founder and CEO of Third Angle, Inc., and a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Prior to her roles with Third Angle and Northwestern, she was an investment advisor and financial portfolio designer. Dr. Egmon founded Third Angle in 1999, at the request of organizations familiar with her innovative work and research in and outside of Northwestern University.

A “serial intrapreneur,” Dr. Egmon has established several new businesses, initiatives and curricula as a professor within Northwestern and its Kellogg School of Management, as well as organizations outside of academia. She founded KALE (Kellogg Action Lab Experience)—bringing together diverse companies and researchers from the best institutions looking to break through barriers to growth, and to innovate, collaborate and learn together. This award-winning, proprietary model has been adapted and is now a unique Third Angle offering (TALE© Third Angle Action Lab Experience). As the Director of Collaborative Practices and as the Founder and Director of the Complexity in Action Network (CANet) at Kellogg/Northwestern, Dr. Egmon has repeatedly translated scientific research into practical applications for a myriad of industries, focusing on innovation, growth and behavioral change of individuals and systems.

Dr. Egmon and her teams twice earned global recognition for innovation by the prestigious Edison Awards™ for their innovative business models and transformational designs. Prior to her roles at Kellogg and the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, Dr. Egmon founded and directed the Center for Learning and Organizational Change. She has also been an entrepreneur in her volunteer work, founding a global literacy initiative that has evolved to serve over a million adults and children every year through direct literacy service.

Dr. Egmon’s research includes the use of strategies used to successfully turn businesses around and transform them into innovative companies, as well as identifying Patterns of Profitability© that distinguish profitable and sustainable growth initiatives and cultures from unsuccessful ventures. She co-authored The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems, and has written and published many articles. She is an internationally sought speaker on business innovation, individual and group collaboration, and behavioral change.

Dr. Egmon’s own education reflects a pattern of interdisciplinary bridge-building. She earned a double-major in business administration and English literature from Monmouth College. Her masters and doctorate degrees, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, emphasize the power of cross-functional leader cognition and the use of bridging strategies (e.g., metaphors, model building and framing) to activate collaboration, innovation, and economic and human growth.


Micole Bautista has built a career focused on successfully growing the revenues and capabilities of the clients and companies with whom he has worked. He partners with leaders and teams across various companies that deliver competition-beating Sales Effectiveness, Commercial Leadership and Corporate Learning.

Mr. Bautista has led projects over two decades in Asia, Australia, Western Europe and the United States. He has extensive experience in line roles spanning Sales, Marketing and HR across a range of industries in Consumer Packaged Goods, Biotechnology, Retail and Agriculture. His most recent corporate roles have been to serve as Global Director of Unilever’s Customer Management Academy, and as European Director for Leadership and Organization Development for Genzyme.


Adam Burns is the co-founder and lead electronics engineer of a medical device startup focusing on preventative healthcare where he designs circuitry and acts as a full stack software developer. Additionally, Mr. Burns works as a backend software developer for an agricultural data analytics company.

Mr. Burns graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences and a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research is focused on hardware and software solutions to unmanned autonomous vehicles for use in monitoring and sensing of agricultural environments. His experience also includes the design and manufacturing of circuits for field experiments as part of a Bioengineering team.


David Burns is a Design Engineer with experience in a wide range of innovative solutions. Through his research, he has developed cutting-edge technologies in such diverse fields as Plasma Fusion containment and MRI-based elastographic mapping. He currently designs next-generation human interface systems for vehicles and heavy machinery, connecting practical engineering problems to modern innovations.

Mr. Burns served in Kenya with the U.S. Peace Corps from 2010-2012, initiating in him a global outlook towards facing the challenges of making a more happy and healthy world.

Mr. Burns earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering from the University of Illinois and holds a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University while launching R&D activities.


Lee Entsminger’s background as an energy industry executive shaped his expertise in management, strategy, complex problems, negotiations and entrepreneurship. He enjoyed a 34-year career with Mobil and its successor, ExxonMobil as a geoscientist, manager and leader in the petroleum industry. His experience ranges from the technical to corporate business and commercial applications, and finally to integrating technical and commercial knowledge with external political and government interaction, as applied to new market entries.

Mr. Entsminger has managed New Venture, Business Development and Integrated Opportunity teams that identified oil and gas business opportunities, developed country strategies and conducted negotiations to secure those opportunities. These involved the creation of complex opportunities that aligned the goals of the corporation with that of the host country. He has worked extensively with both 
the US and foreign governments in the development of business opportunities. This involved working with the Departments of State, Energy, Commerce and Treasury to address business issues, including compliance with US sanctions. Mr. Entsminger is an experienced negotiator with multi-party, multi-cultural experience in Russia and across the Middle East, and has lived and worked in diverse parts of the globe.

Currently, in his work with Third Angle, Inc. and Entsminger Consulting LLC, Mr. Entsminger offers consulting in entrepreneurship within companies (intrapreneurship), business strategy and negotiation. His focus is on complexity science and how it can help in the interplay between entrepreneurship inside an existing company and management and leadership approaches; and how this can help negotiation efforts, both internal and external to the enterprise.


Daniel Diermeier serves as the thirteenth Provost of the University of Chicago, where he is the Emmett Dedmon Professor at the Harris School Public Policy and the College. As Provost he has responsibility for academic and research programs across the University and oversees the University’s budget. Prior to his appointment as Provost, Professor Diermeier was Dean of the Harris School from 2014-2016. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research (CIFAR). He is a member of the Board of the University of Chicago Medical Center, the Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory and the Board of Trustees of NORC.

Prior to joining the University of Chicago, Professor Diermeier taught at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (most recently as IBM Professor of Regulation and Practice in the Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences (MEDS), and Director of the Ford Motor Company Center of Global Citizenship). He also held appointments in Economics, Political Science, Linguistics and the School of Law at Northwestern University.

Professor Diermeier is an expert on crisis and reputation management as well as business and politics. His most recent book, Reputation Rules: Strategies for Managing Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset, was published in 2011 and has been translated into Japanese and Mandarin. His research has been featured globally in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the EconomistBusiness Week, the Financial TimesFortune and The New York Times. He was named among the World’s 50 Best Business School Professors by Fortune and was the 2007 recipient of the Faculty Pioneer Award from the Aspen Institute, named the “Oscar of Business Schools” by the Financial Times. During his time at Kellogg, he won 13 teaching awards including the 2001 Kellogg Lavengood Professor of the Year Award and the 2013 Kellogg Alumni Professor of the Year Award. He was the founding academic director of the CEO Perspectives Program and Chairman of the Northwestern Global Health Foundation, winner of the 2012 Chicago “Up-and Comer” Innovation Award. He also served on the Management Board of the FBI from 2004-2012. Professor Diermeier is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago and the Commercial Club. He serves on the Board of Directors of CityBase, an urban technology company, and as an advisor to KDWC Ventures.


Barbara Ford works within Third Angle and her own firm, Phoenix Strategic Advisors LLC, to help businesses accelerate profitable growth through insight-driven understanding of consumers/customers and brands. Ms. Ford was most recently SVP at AMG Strategic Advisors and Principal at Griffin Strategic Advisors, both growth strategy consultancies where she held the lead role in the Marketing Strategy practice including project delivery, business development and external partner relations. Previously, Ms. Ford led Marketing Services for SC Johnson, and prior to SC Johnson, Ford was Vice President, Global Advertising Resources and Marketing Training for Kraft Foods.

Ms. Ford has over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience positioning and building brands, defining brand foundations, capturing sustainable savings to fund brand growth, creating effective integrated marketing communication programs, and optimizing organizations for efficiency and effectiveness. Her work has spanned a broad range of projects, including a significant amount of work in brand positioning/re-positioning, defining brand equity and brand hierarchy. Ms. Ford has served as an Adjunct professor at Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Medill/Northwestern University and U. Chicago Graham School. She most recently served as Lecturer International Business & Markets Program at Kellogg School of Management.


Mike Henn serves as CFO for Teletrac Navman, an operating company of Fortive. Prior to this role he was the Executive VP, CFO and minority shareholder of Navman. Mr. Henn’s background as a senior limited equity partner and CFO/CAO of Navman placed him in charge of finance, accounting, legal, HR and IT functions following the organization’s successful management buyout of Navman Wireless, a global SAAS fleet management software company, from its prior owner, Brunswick Corporation. Previously, Mr. Henn held multiple positions at Brunswick as CFO for the Brunswick New Technologies operating unit and Finance Director, Mergers and Acquisitions. He also spent 13 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC in various audit and mergers and acquisitions advisory roles.

Mr. Henn graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Engineering to Empower, a not-for-profit organization devoted to assisting and empowering local communities in the development and implementation of affordable and safe housing solutions in third world countries.


Maria Koclanis specializes in assessing the need for change and the impact and resistance of change on an organization’s workforce. As a pioneer member of Accenture’s (formerly Andersen Consulting) change management practice, she has designed, developed and implemented programs to address the workforce and organization performance issues facing clients when a change is introduced to the workplace. These programs involve addressing organizational design/development, education/training, human resources, executive sponsorship and communication needs.

As an associate partner in the Chicago office of Accenture, Ms. Koclanis fostered strong client relationships with clients including Quaker Oats, Target, ConAgra, The Limited Stores, The Northern Trust and Burger King. She also advised Northwestern University in the design of its Learning & Organizational Change curriculum.

Ms. Koclanis’s change management skills are complemented with strong project and program management skills in large, complex programs. She was responsible for driving programs to deadlines and milestones on budget while managing the dependencies among activities and other programs, as well as tracking, monitoring and reporting budget, status, issue resolution and communications while with Accenture.

Ms. Koclanis holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Northwestern University.


Marc J. Lane is a nationally recognized business and tax attorney and financial adviser who practices law at The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, P.C. in Chicago, IL. Mr. Lane is an expert on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, and an influential advocate of best corporate governance practices. By appointment of then Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, he chaired the state’s Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise; and by appointment of Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, now serves as Vice Chairperson of the Cook County Commission on Social Innovation.

An innovator in helping corporations, social enterprises, foundations, investors, lenders and philanthropists leverage capital to maximize financial results while driving positive social change, Mr. Lane has taught both Entrepreneurial Finance and Social Enterprise at Northwestern University School of Law. He is the author of 35 books including Social Enterprise: Empowering Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs (American Bar Association) and The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World’s Most Vexing Social Problems (John Wiley and Sons).


Zack Lowe is Founder and Principal of The Corporate G-Man and serves Third Angle as a serial intrapreneur. Mr. Lowe’s special emphasis in Third Angle is how innovation and value can be created and leveraged from non-obvious places within corporations. He has founded multiple growth ventures within corporate and government organizations. He served as VP and Chief Security Officer for Waste Management, a Fortune 200 company that employs roughly 50,000 across the United States. Mr. Lowe has served on a range of boards of Directors and built an in-house forensic computer laboratory from the ground up. At that time, this was only the 7th private laboratory to achieve the coveted American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD) accreditation.

Mr. Lowe enjoyed a distinguished career with the FBI, including time as a member of the Senior Executive Service in Washington, DC.


Ali Niederkorn is a member of the Executive Development team at Google. Prior to joining Google, she consulted with multiple organizations in the areas of leadership, culture, transformation and innovation. Her background includes work with Kellogg School of Management designing executive education programs and applying research from the Ford Center for Global Citizenship and the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems. She has also taught classes in Kellogg’s executive education program including, “The Mindful Leader” and “A Mindful Approach to Change.” While at Northwestern University, she partnered with Jean Egmon to found the Master of Science in Learning & Organizational Change and the Complexity in Action Network. Ms. Niederkorn is a certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence instructor and has taught yoga for over a decade.

Ms. Niederkorn holds a bachelor’s degree in Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a certificate in Non-Profit Management from the Kellogg School of Management. She has additional graduate-level training in Strategic Change, Innovation and Learning Design. Ms. Niederkorn volunteers with Spark Ventures, a non-profit that empowers its partner organizations to fight poverty by providing human resources, strategic guidance and financial capital.


Jack McDonagh brings 30 years of marketing and sales leadership experience in working with some of the best brand marketers in the world. His industry experience includes beverage, food, sports and entertainment. Jack honed his craft during 15 years at Anheuser-Busch where he managed strategic direction and execution of brand marketing efforts, customer sales and wholesaler development. He created AB’s process for integrating the sales and marketing functions in annual planning and program execution.

As Vice President of Sales at the PGA Tour, Mr. McDonagh developed tour sponsorships with blue chip brands EMC, Ingersoll Rand, Georgia Pacific and many others. As Vice President of Alliance Marketing at Live Nation he led the start-up of a new division that managed 18 national sponsor relationships. Additionally, Mr. McDonagh spent part of his career in marketing for a food manufacturer, on both the branded and private label sides of the business. He holds a BA in Psychology from The Ohio State University.


Paul Pasin grew up in the Chicago area, studied business and law, and embarked upon his professional career driven by a core life purpose: to increase happiness and reduce suffering. He spent the early part of his career working as an attorney and social worker at the Chicago Legal Clinic and Jane Addams Hull House. In 1992, Paul had an opportunity to join the family business, Radio Flyer Inc., in an operations role in their Chicago factory.

Mr. Pasin has spent the last twenty-five years as an owner and leader partnering with his brother, Robert Pasin, and the outstanding Radio Flyer team to fulfill the company’s mission of bringing smiles and creating warm memories that last a lifetime. Delivering on this mission inspired Paul to build himself as a leader, to move to China for ten years, to create and lead a global operations team, to study best business practices and implement them throughout the organization, and play a lead role in the overall company process of transitioning Radio Flyer from a small, poor performing manufacturing driven business into an innovative, fast growing, best place to work and profitable global brand.

Mr. Pasin finds his greatest fulfillment in his relationships with his wife, Jane, and their two children, Joy and Augustine. He is an avid hiker, paddle boarder, bird watcher, fisherman and gardener, and genuinely loves the outdoors. Mr. Pasin travels frequently to Haiti, a country he holds close to his heart, in his active role as chair and working board member for two nonprofit educational organizations.


Chance Patterson’s career has focused on helping companies establish and maintain the leadership position in their competitive space. Mr. Patterson has advised celebrity talent, CEO’s and a wide range of consumer, media and technology companies on corporate strategy, communications, investor relations, lobbying and reputation management.

At 2U, Mr. Patterson built the communications and corporate affairs functions from the ground up, transitioning the organization into a recognizable brand and ensuring growth. At Discovery Communications, he designed and deployed the company’s first integrated global communications strategy and directed the global launch of TLC, its first female-oriented television network. Mr. Patterson oversaw Corporate Communications for Sirius XM Radio and served as Senior VP, Corporate Affairs and Communications for Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios in Chicago.

Currently, Mr. Patterson leverages his communications expertise on behalf of organizations including Outcome Health (formerly Context Media), the Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, Chicago and Third Angle.


Sue Payne joined the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) as Chief Operating Officer in 2011 and continues to serve as Advisor. Prior to this assignment, she spent 35 years with ExxonMobil in a number of diverse and influential roles. Assignments included Geoscientist, Planning Manager, Exploration Manager, Geoscience Operations Manager, VP for Onshore U.S. Producing Business, Commercial and Negotiations Manager in Latin America, and advisor at Mobil’s corporate headquarters. Her role as Geoscience Resource Manager encompassed managing the training, career development, and project deployment for more than 1,500 geoscientists in ExxonMobil’s worldwide operations; and providing specialist geoscience technical support for ExxonMobil Upstream projects.

A native of Hickory Flat, Georgia, Ms. Payne graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. She has served as Co-Chairman of the United Way of Greater Houston Women’s Initiative and is an active member of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Ms. Payne was also named one of “Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women” by Houston Woman Magazine.


Jackie Petrozzi is a marketing communications specialist with a keen interest in leveraging brand insights to produce enduring strategic platforms that evoke strong emotional connections. She currently focuses her marketing expertise in the area of education, spanning elementary through collegiate level programs. Her skill set includes website construction and administration, graphic design, strategic and communications advising, advertising, writing and editing. Ms. Petrozzi has co-authored winning-applications for Effie, Edison, and National Blue Ribbon School Awards on behalf of various clients and organizations.

Ms. Petrozzi spent 7 years in account management at advertising firms BBDO, Chicago and Fallon, Minneapolis where she managed advertising duties for clients including Wrigley, USA Networks, Holiday Inn and Starbucks. She worked on-site for NBC during its coverage of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. She holds BA’s in Communications and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame, and a Masters Degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in Integrated Marketing Communications.


Bryan Semkuley is Founder and Principal of BrandVation, a global innovation and marketing business practice dedicated to driving brand growth and business value. He partners with corporations, companies, business owners and start-up companies in identifying opportunities for innovation development and commercialization, marketing and brand strategy, and strategic planning. He’s seen as an expert in turning those opportunities and strategies into commercial reality and success supported with tools and working engagements executed with a working style that is curious, personable, motivating and empowering.

Brian’s innovation expertise stems from over 10 years of leading global innovation teams for two Fortune 200 companies in both B2C and B2B businesses. In his most recent position as Vice-President, Global Innovation he was responsible for Big “I” innovation resulting in delivering nearly $250 million in annual net sales value. In addition, he was instrumental in developing and commercializing the Onvation intelligent restroom for Kimberly-Clark, a successful product and service business solution utilizing IoT technology.

Prior to joining Kimberly-Clark, Bryan worked for over 20 years in the global brewing industry culminating in the role of Vice-President, Global Innovation for InBev, the world’s largest brewer based in Leuven, Belgium. In this position, he drove the global innovation agenda and his team delivered over 60 new consumer innovations in a two year period. It was a post he held after having served as a senior marketer with assignments of increasing scope in Canada, the US and Europe, including global brand marketing and leading the marketing function for their US division, where they achieved 25% growth over a four year period.

Bryan earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Calgary. He has also received additional education through the University of Michigan and University of Pennsylvania schools of business. Among his numerous business awards and recognitions, Bryan is the co-author of two business model patents, a recipient of the Top 50 Marketers of the Year award from Advertising Age, and was recognized as a Top 40 under 40.


Jean Spence is a proven leader with demonstrated results across a multi-functional career in the consumer goods industry. She currently consults for several companies and is a trusted advisor to leaders in her board positions. She is known for her strategic agility, innovation management, organizational design and cost optimization skills and is a recognized food safety and regulatory expert.

Ms. Spence retired as Executive Vice President of Research, Development & Quality for Mondelēz International, Inc., a position she held from January 2004 to April 2015.  At Mondelēz International, she was responsible for all product and packaging development, research, nutrition, quality, food safety and scientific affairs activities worldwide. She held the same position at Kraft Foods Inc., the $50B predecessor to Mondelēz International, prior to the spin-off of the company’s North American grocery operations in October of 2012. In both roles, she was a C-suite executive; reporting to the CEO, sat on the Executive Team and was a frequent presenter to the board of directors. She was responsible for technology and innovation strategy for the company. Under her leadership, the company’s innovation performance went from bottom to Top Tier – resulting in top 4 customers naming Kraft ‘Innovator of the Year’.

Ms. Spence joined the company in 1981 as a Research Engineer for Maxwell House and holds three US and worldwide patents for her process development work. She held a variety of management positions in Research and Development before being named Director of Diversity for General Foods USA where she was responsible for the company’s diversity strategy. She later held other R&D and Engineering positions before she was named Senior Vice President of Worldwide Quality, Scientific Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer for Kraft Foods North America. In these roles, she was responsible for raising the bar on quality and food safety on a worldwide basis, coordinating global compliance programs, scientific relations, regulatory issues, microbiology and auditing. Kraft was recognized in the industry for the world class quality systems she implemented. Her leadership led to her appointment to the Department of Homeland Security’s Private Sector Advisory Council representing the food industry.

Ms. Spence serves on the Supervisory Board of GEA Group AG, is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Clarkson University and the Chair of the Development Committee for Josephinum Academy in Chicago. She is a Certified Food Technologist and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in STEM.

Ms. Spence received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College. Prior to joining Kraft Foods, she worked in manufacturing as a Process Supervisor for Procter & Gamble in Staten Island, New York.


Joe Tallarico spent a rewarding and diverse 37 years at Unilever, where he was appointed Global Director – Business Operations. His career span included leadership roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Operations focusing on Supply Chain. While at Unilever, he led major global projects including Integrated Business Planning, Order to Cash Operations and Customer Technology. In his current work with Third Angle, Mr. Tallarico excels at cutting across functional silos and simplifying business challenges by identifying intuitive solutions for complex business issues. He enjoys problem solving and his work with companies through consulting forums. Mr. Tallarico started a vineyard in Bucks County Pennsylvania in 2003, along with his wife, Maria. He finds farming to be an excellent place to experience continuous learning and growth.

Joe earned his undergraduate degree in Business from West Virginia University, and his Masters degree from Robert Morris University.


Rick Wion has helped world famous companies including McDonald’s, Unilever, Kellogg’s and Abbott Labs turn the chaos of social media into a competitive advantage. His expertise includes 18 years of digital marketing, social strategy, long-term branding, analytics/insights, issues management, customer service and employee engagement. Mr. Wion currently serves as Senior Director of Customer Engagement at Kellogg’s, leading social media engagement, content marketing and digital storytelling.

By using new trends and technologies to enhance digital storytelling, Mr. Wion has helped organizations transform brands, streamline operations and win new customers. While at McDonald’s, he built the social function from the ground up, transforming the brand from a digital laggard to the most talked about non-technology company. Mr. Wion also worked as Vice President of digital and social media for GolinHarris in Chicago, where he implemented digital-communications strategies for Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, and Dow Chemical, among others.

A frequent speaker, Mr. Wion has appeared at SXSW, Blogworld, iStrategy and international business forums. He is also on the advisory boards for Blogher and Dynamic Signal. In 2013, he was named to the AdWeek 50, recognizing the top digital executives who “make the wheels of digital business turn.” Mr. Wion lives with his family near Chicago.