St. Michael’s House

St M's House

Serially successful growth, innovation and intrapreneurship require changing mindsets and seeing things in new ways. Often described as The Four Seasons Hotel-meets-Jedi Academy, St. Michael’s House is a mind-bending, inspiring, and personally transforming experience that changes the way people see and do things.

The results of the St. Michael’s House Experience are breakthrough, creative paths forward that occur only when you are led to recognize your situation in light of analogous situations in domains far different from yours. Studies prove that metaphors, like those created through the St. Michael’s House Experience, are the most powerful cognitive strategies for transforming minds. The domains may differ, but the analogy translates into practical application. Guests learn how surprisingly similar patterns exist across all kinds of complex, dynamic systems.

Imagine coming to breakthrough insights and strategies about how to grow your financial services business organically through lessons on farming.  Or consider exploring how the human body is designed imperfectly to allow for adaptation and evolution and applying that to your organizational design.

Individuals and teams who reap the most from the St. Michael’s House experience are intellectually curious, open to change, and humble enough to learn, reflect and be surprised. When we distance ourselves from familiar patterns, we grant ourselves the freedom and clarity to question our assumptions and discover new insights and pathways to growth.

In inspiring venues, participants explore and experience concepts, methods and systems from diverse domains and practice translating that knowledge as metaphors into implications for business, personal, professional and team development. Examples include:

  • Participate in wine making in Napa Valley to learn lessons from the vineyard, and their application to growth processes that yield a successful harvest for current year (while preparing for future seasons).
  • Spend time at a farm-to-table establishment to learn about farming, and use that new, out-of-the-box knowledge to conquer a sustainable supply chain challenge.
  • Experience physiology and neurology through strategically selected spa treatments in order to design new ways of seeing and engineering information and capital flows.
  • In majestic nature settings or in ancient buildings, consider what many of the great philosophers and saints from both Eastern and Western traditions have to say about conditions for mindset change, creativity, and innovation and then employ their simple practices in your work and personal life

Perhaps most telling is that participants have told us these experiences are personally transforming and have freed them to grow in new ways inside and outside their business lives.